The office  relocated to the Weis Shopping Center (Cape Horn Square)  in Red Lion on January  21, 2022.  The phone number remains the same.  We are no longer at 2555 Cape Horn Road. After 31 years, we have a new location!

Red lion Chiropractic


Chiropractic is the most widely used natural health profession in the world. Chiropractic continues to grow because it is safe, effective and gentle; and because it respects the body's natural healing and recuperative powers. As a drug-free, surgery-free alternative, it offers individuals such as yourself, a real choice in health care. Today, tens of millions of people visit their doctor of Chiropractic for their health needs.

Dr. Joe Fuller, chiropractor, and Dr. John Renda, chiropractor, bring more than 50 years of combined health care experience to you. Our office provides manipualtion, rehabilitation, massage therapy and physiotherapy.

Since opening in1985, Red Lion Chiropractic has accumulated over 500,000 office visits. However, we believe each patient should receive the specialized care and attention as if they were the only visit of the day. We have worked hand in hand with Medicare, Highmark, Blue Cross/Shield, and other insurance carriers. If you are involved with an attorney due to an automobile crash, we have over 35 years of handling these claims and working with many of the county legal counselors. 

Massage therapy is available at the office with a licensed professional massage therapist.  Prices start at $20.00 for a 30 minute massage.

Many insurances cover massage therapy when necessary to improve your condition.  Call us at (717) 840-0888 to see if your insurance covers massage.  

Chiropractic's blend of modern healing techniques are utilized in recovering from injuries from automobile accidents, worker's injuries, including back, neck  or shoulder injuries, and improving your health with advanced nutritional and  diagnostic training. 

We will verify your insurance for you. Ask for Judy in the insurance department. She will contact your insurance company prior to your visit if you wish.



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